Educational Philosophy

Department of Nursing
Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing
Universitas Gadjah Mada

The Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Medicine follows the CARE philosophy, which has become the belief and principle for all academics in activities in various educational programs. CARE, which stands for Competence, Altruistic, Respect, and Empathy, can also mean care in the spiritual realm. Thus, CARE means that all academics in this study program care and empathize with others, put the interests of other people, programs, and the country first, respect others, and work as professionals.

In everyday life, CARE becomes a spirit in learning programs. Tridarma is transformed into activities designed to inspire students and academics to care and empathize with their patients and clients and respect them and all healthcare team members. They are also driven to seek out those they interact with in medical care, prioritizing the interests of patients, society, and the nation and state.

CARE’s philosophy aligns with UGM’s vision and mission contained in the motto “rooted locally, respected globally.” The phrase “Rooted Strong” signifies Altruism, Respect, and empathy, while “Soaring High” represents competence.

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Competence, Altruism, Respect, Empathy