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October 28, 1998
Establishment of the Bachelor of Nursing Study Program

The Bachelor of Nursing Study Program (BoNSP) of the Faculty of Medicine (FoM) of UGM is one of the nursing higher education institutions in Indonesia established in 1998 based on the Decision Letter of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Department of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia 373/DIKTI/Kep/1998. 

First Student Admission of Bachelor of Nursing Study Program

At the beginning of its establishment, BoNSP opened education for students who graduated from high school (Program A) and Diploma graduates who were about to transfer to a Bachelor's degree (Program B). Teaching and learning activities are carried out in the Anthropology Building at Universitas Gadjah Mada.

September 28, 2000
Formation of the Nursing Student Association of the Nursing Study Program (HIMIKA) UGM

In 2000 all student representatives at BoNSP from 3 batches held a meeting to discuss a forum for them to organize. At that time, the existing organizations at FoM could not cover all the nursing students' needs. Therefore student representatives from B'98, B'99, and A'99 gathered to form a Student Association of Study Program. After going through student congresses and various processes, finally, the agreement regarding the legality of organizations in Nursing was approved by FoM Student Families. At the Nursing Student Conference on September 28, 2000, HIMIKA was officially formed.

First Graduate

In 2001, the BoNSP graduated nurses from the B program for the first time. Graduates from the BoNSP earned a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) because they had completed their education at the academic stage (Indonesian: S.Kep) and the title of RN (Indonesian: Ners) after completing education in the clinical rotation phase.

Collaboration with Overseas Educational Institutions

BoNSP has started initiating collaboration with overseas educational institutions such as Kobe University (Japan) and the University of Boras (Sweden).

Accreditation from Indonesian National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT)

Quality assurance is always carried out at the internal and external levels to maintain the quality of education. In 2004, for the first time, BoNSP carried out the accreditation process for the Nursing and Nursing Education program with a good accreditation assessment based on SK BAN-PT number: 06758/Ak-VII-S1-32/UGMKOW/VIII/2004.

March 4, 2006
Unveiling of the Ismangoen Building

On March 4, 2006, the Chancellor of Gadjah Mada University, Prof. Dr. Sofian Effendi, MPIA inaugurated the Ismangoen Building which is located in the FoM complex as a lecture building, offices and a mini hospital for BoNSP. Selection of the name Prof.dr. Ismangoen is in commemoration of his services as the "father" of nurses and midwives at UGM in the past.

Community Service Program Development

To develop a community service program, in 2006 BoNSP developed a community empowerment program with financial support from Japan Corporation Agency (JICA) for training for cadres and handicaps as well as disaster preparedness.

Establishment of Griya Lare Utami Children's House

In 2007 BoNSP developed the Griya Lare Utami Children's House with financial assistance from JICA. Griya Lare Utami Children's House provides health services for children with special needs (Cerebral Palsy). Not only providing health services for children with special needs, but the Griya Lare Utami area is also a foster area for the Department of Nursing.

September 19, 2011
Establishment of the Master of Nursing Study Program

On September 19, 2011, the Master of Nursing Study Program (MoNSP) was established under the auspices of the Faculty of Medicine with Rector's Decree Number 449/P/SK/HT/2011. At the beginning of the establishment of the MoNSP opened an interest in maternity and child nursing. Graduates from MoNSP hold a Master in Nursing title (M.Kep).

October 24, 2014
BAN-PT Accreditation for Master of Nursing Study Program

After three years of its establishment, on October 24, 2014, MoNSP obtained accreditation from the BAN-PT accreditation agency with an accreditation score of B (404/SK/BAN-PT/AKRED/M/X/2014).

December, 29 2014
BAN-PT Accreditation for Bachelor of Nursing Study Program

BoNSP, on December 29, 2014, officially received an A accreditation score for undergraduate and nursing programs with Decision Letter Number 488/BAN-PT/AKRED/PN/XI/2014.

Medical Surgical Nursing Interest in the Master on Nursing Study Program

In 2015 MoNSP formed a new interest, Medical-Surgical Nursing. So that there are three interests in MoNSP, Maternity Nursing, Maternity Nursing, and Medical Surgical Nursing

Changes in the organizational structure of Governance (SOTK) of the Faculty of Medicine and the establishment of Four Departments of Nursing

In 2016 Changes in the Organizational Structure of Governance (SOTK) at FoM. So, starting in 2016, BoNSP and MoNSP coordinated with the FoM and have coordinated with four nursing departments. These departments include the Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Pediatric and Maternity Nursing, Mental and Community Nursing, and the Department of Basic and Emergency Nursing. The affiliation of the teaching staff at BoNSP and MoNSP has also changed from previously using  programs to Departments according to their fields and expertise.

August 1, 2017
Bachelor of Nursing Study Program AUN-QA Certification

On August 1, 2017, BoNSP successfully obtained certification from ASEAN UNIVERSITY NETWORK with certificate number AP211UGMMAY17

October, 2017
Change of Name of Faculty of Medicine (FoM) UGM to Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing (FoMPHN) UGM

In October 2017, the Faculty of Medicine (FoM) UGM officially changed its name to the Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing (FoMPHN) UGM. The name change was motivated by the development of science at FoMPHN, which is getting more advanced and to show multidisciplinary in education, research, and community service at FoMPHN.

October 26, 2019
BAN-PT Accreditation for Bachelor ofn Nursing Study Program

On October 26, 2019, the Nursing and Nursing Study Program received "A" accreditation from the Independent Accreditation Institute for Higher Education (LAM-PTKes)

Juli 11, 2021
Master of Nursing Study Program AUN-QA Certification

On July 11, 2021, the MoNSP succeeded in obtaining certification from ASEAN UNIVERSITY NETWORK QUALITY ASSURANCE (AUN-QA) with certificate number AP648UGMJUN21

Development of Digital Based Learning Media

Since 2020, the nursing department has continued to develop various digital-based learning media to meet student learning needs that cannot be done face-to-face due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The media that have been designed include virtual reality, skill videos that can be accessed through the NURSING UGM youtube channel, MOOC through the LMS eLOK, and various learning applications. The Department of Nursing has also received appreciation and comparative study visits from other educational institutions in implementing online and mixed learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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