Academic Advisor/Dosen Pembimbing Akademik (DPA)

All bachelor and master students will be supervised by one academic supervisor during their study here. Academic Supervisor arrange meeting with the students regularly minimum once in every block for bachelor students and more than once for master students. Academic supervisor will be announced in the beginning of first semester.


  1. Provide guidance for student in proposing study plan
  2. Provide diverse consideration for students according to academic activity, learning strategy, and tips of successful study.
  3. Monitor students’ progress

Psychological Counselling

This service is a counselling services for all students under Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing UGM including undergraduate and postgraduate program. Primary service provided is assist student to optimize self development in both personal and academic areas.

Type of services:

  1. Individual counselling
  2. Group counselling
  3. Psycho-education

Student may accessed this icon below to register to the service:

(sumber: instagram @konselingfkkmkugm)