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UGM – ARU Collaboration: Transnational Education in Nursing

The Department of Nursing Universitas Gadjah Mada is collaborating with the Faculty of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care (FHEMS) at Anglia Ruskin University, The United Kingdom in the project “Transnational Education Nurse The United Kingdom – Indonesia (TNE Nurse UKIND)”. This project is a joint project of UGM and ARU as the Going Global Partnership awardee funded by British Council Indonesia.

TNE Nurse UKIND Team Members:


    • Syahirul Alim, Ph.D.
    • Khudazi Aulawi, Ph.D.
    • Widyawati, Ph.D. 
  • Ariani Arista Putri Pertiwi, DNP 


  • Dr. Robert Priharjo
  • Dr. Hephzibah Samuel
  • Nicola Guthrie, MSc
  • Dr. Louise Jenkins 

The TNE Nurse UKIND aims to enhance collaboration between ARU and UGM in education in nursing competencies that are transferable and relevant to the healthcare systems in Indonesia and the United Kingdom. Starting in January 2022, the Team has held several events: virtual seminars and workshops; join teaching sessions “Pain Assessment and Management” for students; ARU became one of the co-hosts of The 4th International Joint Conference on Nursing (IJCNS) which was held by UGM; as well as the ARU Team’s visit to Indonesia at the end of the year.

During the visit to Indonesia, the ARU Team and the UGM Team carried out various activities offline and hybrid. The activities carried out included meetings with the Vice Dean of Academic and Student Affairs; holding face-to-face workshops; guest lectures; and “Moving and Handling” teaching sessions for lecturers.

The Face-to-face Workshop “Undergraduate Nursing Curriculum and Competencies Benchmarking” is one of the “core activities” of this collaborative project. This workshop was held on November 28th – 29th, 2022. The participants consisted of lecturers from various nursing education institutions in Yogyakarta, Regional INNA and AINEC representatives, as well as representatives from Hospitals. This workshop aims to compare existing nursing education in Indonesia and The United Kingdom by identifying differences and similarities between the two countries from various aspects.

Various collaborative activities carried out by the UKIND TNE Nurse Team involved various parties in the field of nursing education from Indonesia and The United Kingdom. Lecturers, nurse leaders, hospitals, professional organizations, The NMC UK, and students from both universities. This collaborative project will continue in 2023 when the Team plans to hold workshops, focus group discussions, and training which is a follow-up to the activities that have been implemented in 2022.